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Waterproof bags have always been one of the Best-Selling products in the summer.
Suitable for Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, and Amazon.
Water sports can be conducted with ease since our bags are made according to IPX8.
For you to take advantage of the market opportunities,
Bags would be periodically updated to fit the latest smartphones and pads from major brands.
You can personalize the style of your brand, and we’ll help you do it all.

Universal Phone Pouch

Universal Size

(L) 11cm × (H) 21cm

* Customized acceptable.

Waterproof Fanny Pack

Universal Size

Closed – (L) 22cm × (H) 16cm
Unfold – (L) 22cm × (H) 11cm* Double Velcro and sealing strips close the bag.
* Customized acceptable.

Why Choose morekeyac.com?

  • Factory direct.
  • We only use the best raw materials.
  • Each product is manufactured in accordance with EN71-3 and FAD standards.
  • Every production process welcomes supervision.
  • Customized products can be made according to your specifications.
  • When you purchase in bulk, you can save more!
  • Our team analyzes the best sellers in each country’s package bag market and shares them.

Estimated Customization Fee

All the money paid to Morekeyac for the purchase of our products is secure.
You will incur the following costs for customized products:

Design Fee

You can send us your concept if you don’t have an artwork, we will make it a reality. This service is free.

Mold Fee

The mold fee depends on the size and structure of the product you need to customize.

Plate-making Fee

If your design uses Pantone colors, you need to pay an additional fee for plate-making.

Sample Product Fee

Pay a minimum amount if you want to know the end products.

Special Custom Fee

When the quantity reaches 100,000 pieces, customized materials and accessory colors are available.

In the event, you only have a small order, but still, wish to customize the material and accessory colors, you will pay an additional fee for color customization.

For small orders of customized material and accessory colors, we generally provide two options to our customers to control costs.

– For accessories and materials, use spot goods close to the color number for substitution.

– For materials, print to achieve the color specifications.

How to Purchase Morekeyac Products?

Step 1. Send us a message with the style and quantity that you want, and we will give you a quote within 24 hours.

Step2. Please provide your design.

Step3. After confirming all the details, you should pay a certain percentage of the prepayment.

Step4. We’ll do samples first, and once you confirm, we’ll mass-produce.

Step5. Our QC is conducted at all stages of production.

Step6. The product you ordered will be delivered according to your request.

Step7. Order completed.

Step8. Keep in touch and welcome to share your feedback on each product issue and your suggestion!

Manufacturing Process

You may have these questions:

》》 I placed an order, when does production begin?

》》 What’s the progress of production?

》》 Is the product manufactured as required?

》》 When will this be completed?

We work hard and fast.
Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing!


As soon as the order is received, it will be added to the production schedule.
Meanwhile, we will prepare custom molds, print plates, and various materials.
It usually takes about a week to prepare. The prep time may be longer if customized materials and accessories are needed.


Even if the customer does not request a sample, we will make a few pre-production samples for him to check.
Once everything is confirmed, we will begin mass production.
The production cycle time is related to the number of products and the complexity of the structure.

Final Inspection & Packing

QC is conducted throughout the production process.
Before packing and boxing, the product is checked one last time for each detail.
Then our staff packs the products in cartons. They take a short time because it is an easy task.


We will assist you in preparing various export documents.

Let’s talk about our business!

    Morekeyac is a professional PVC bags factory.

    No matter what product you need, we can provide it to you whether you are a brand owner, manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor.

    Our sales team can help you with the price and respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

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