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Hello, I am Melissia from Morekeyac. Since 2018, I have worked almost every day with vinyl products, from raw materials to research and improvement of defective products, and have continuously experience. Write this blog, just to share what I know with you.

Boost Your Beauty Brand with Customized Plastic Bags

In the competitive beauty industry, standing out is crucial. One effective way to enhance your brand's visibility and appeal is by using customized plastic bags. Here are some key benefits that make these bags a must-have for beauty businesses: 1. Brand Recognition Customized plastic bags are a powerful tool for increasing brand recognition. By featuring your logo, brand colors, and tagline, these bags turn every purchase into a walking advertisement. Whether customers are at a salon, spa, or cosmetic store, your brand gets continuous exposure. 2. Enhanced Customer Experience A beautifully designed plastic bag adds a touch of luxury and thoughtfulness to the customer experience. It shows that your brand pays attention to detail, making clients feel valued. This small gesture can turn first-time buyers into loyal customers. 3. Cost-Effective Marketing Compared to traditional advertising methods, customized plastic bags are a cost-effective marketing solution. They have a long lifespan, ensuring repeated brand exposure without recurring costs. Plus, bulk orders further reduce per-unit expenses, making it an economical choice for wholesale buyers. 4. Versatility and Durability Plastic bags come in various sizes and styles, suitable for different beauty products, from small skincare items to larger haircare packages. Their [...]

Boost Your Beauty Brand with Customized Plastic Bags2024-06-12T15:22:40+08:00

Understanding the Differences in Ziplock Bags: PE vs. PEVA

Product Name Material Size(cm) Thicknesses(mm) Weight(g) Maximum Volume(ml) Standard Package ziplock bag PE 16*14.5 0.04 1.5 500 40pcs/box ziplock bag  PE 18*20 0.04 2.5 1200 20pcs/box ziplock bag  PE 26.5*28 0.04 6 3500 15pcs/box ziplock bag PEVA 22*13.5 0.2 17 500 same size in one pack or mix pack ziplock bag PEVA 20*22 0.2 23 1250 same size in one pack or mix pack ziplock bag PEVA 20*28 0.2 30 1850 same size in one pack or mix pack ziplock bag PEVA 28*26 0.2 36 3000 same size in one pack or mix pack ziplock bag PEVA 15*11*5 0.2 13.5 450 same size in one pack or mix pack ziplock bag PEVA 22*13.5*5 0.2 37 2500 same size in one pack or mix pack ziplock bag PEVA 26*28*5 0.2 48 5000 same size in one pack or mix pack   When choosing the right ziplock bag for your needs, it's essential to understand the differences in materials and their impact on performance. Our ziplock bags come in two primary materials: PE (Polyethylene) and PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate). Both options are available in various sizes and weights to suit different purposes, but there are key differences that might influence [...]

Understanding the Differences in Ziplock Bags: PE vs. PEVA2024-06-05T15:30:22+08:00

Discover the Versatility of Our Bar Mat

At our factory, we specialize in creating high-quality bar mats, often customized by beer companies for promotional gifts. But did you know these mats have incredible uses at home too? Let’s explore how this versatile product can make your life easier and more convenient. 1. Perfect Home Draining Mat Our bar mat is made from durable rubber, which ensures it stays firmly in place on any surface. After washing dishes, you can use it as a draining mat. It holds your dishes securely, preventing them from slipping and sliding. Plus, cleaning the mat is a breeze. Simply rinse off any dirty water, and if there are stubborn spots, a small brush will take care of them. This makes maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen effortless. 2. Excellent Heat Pad Need a place to set down a hot pot or pan? Our bar mat can handle temperatures over 270 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent heat pad. Protect your countertops from heat damage while you cook. This mat can take the heat, ensuring your surfaces stay safe. It’s like having a dependable kitchen assistant always ready to help. 3. Multi-Functional Utility Whether you’re using it to drain dishes, hold hot [...]

Discover the Versatility of Our Bar Mat2024-05-24T15:14:44+08:00

Stylish Plastic Gift Bags for a Memorable Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day just around the corner, finding the ideal gift often comes with its own set of challenges, especially when you want to present it beautifully. The solution? Plastic gift bags. Not only do they offer a practical and stylish packaging option, but they also add that extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gift. Imagine you've picked the perfect gift for your mom—a luxurious spa kit or a selection of gourmet teas. The next step is ensuring that the presentation is as special as the gift itself. This is where plastic gift bags come into play. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, they can match any theme or preference. These bags are particularly useful for event planners and guests at hotel-hosted Mother’s Day events. They provide a uniform look to the gifts, adding to the aesthetic of the event, while also being incredibly convenient. Plus, they’re reusable—your mom can later use the bag for storage or shopping, making it a gift that keeps on giving. Opt for a bag made from durable materials like PVC, EVA, or TPU to ensure that it can handle heavier gifts without any issues. Many of these bags also come [...]

Stylish Plastic Gift Bags for a Memorable Mother’s Day2024-05-16T15:58:53+08:00

Eco-Friendly Ziploc Slider Bags: PVC, EVA, TPU vs PE

As consumers grow more environmentally aware, their choice in packaging solutions such as Ziploc slider bags becomes crucial. Traditionally dominated by polyethylene (PE), the market is now seeing a shift towards materials like PVC, EVA, and TPU, which not only enhance functionality, but also mitigate environmental impacts in industries like beauty, travel, hotels, and sports. Comparison with PE: PVC, EVA, and TPU: These alternatives provide significant environmental benefits compared to PE. PVC is highly durable, which minimizes the need for replacements and thereby reduces waste. EVA is notable for its UV resistance and flexibility at low temperatures, promoting longevity. TPU is especially valued for its recyclability and robustness, offering an eco-friendlier choice that does not sacrifice performance. Comparison with PE: PE bags, while recyclable, typically lack the durability of PVC, EVA, or TPU, leading to more frequent disposal and higher waste generation. PVC, EVA, and TPU bags can be reused multiple times, lowering their life-cycle environmental footprint. Additionally, advancements in manufacturing have led to these materials being produced in more eco-conscious ways, including non-toxic and phthalate-free options. Industry Applications: Beauty: The clarity and attractive design of PVC and EVA bags reduce the need for additional packaging materials, streamlining waste [...]

Eco-Friendly Ziploc Slider Bags: PVC, EVA, TPU vs PE2024-05-07T13:36:46+08:00

Demystifying the TSA: Is a Clear Toiletry Bag Really Necessary?

Traveling can often feel like navigating through a maze of rules, especially when it comes to what you can and can't bring on your flight. One common question is whether a clear toiletry bag is actually necessary for breezing through TSA checks. Let's unpack this. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) requires passengers to follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule, which means each liquid must be in a 3.4-ounce bottle or smaller, all bottles must fit in one quart-sized bag, and each passenger is allowed one bag. The clear bag isn’t just a suggestion—it's a requirement that helps TSA agents quickly see what's inside without needing to open the bag, which can speed up the screening process. Using a clear toiletry bag offers several benefits: Efficiency: It speeds up the security process, as agents can easily assess the contents. Convenience: Packing your liquids in a clear bag simplifies repacking after security. Compliance: It ensures you meet TSA guidelines, potentially avoiding the hassle of bag checks and delays. For travelers in the beauty, travel, hotel, and sports industries, these bags are not just a compliance tool but a practical accessory. Designed from durable materials like PVC, EVA, and TPU, [...]

Demystifying the TSA: Is a Clear Toiletry Bag Really Necessary?2024-04-29T14:16:48+08:00

Waterproof Bags for Yunnan’s Festival

Every year, Yunnan province in China bursts into a vibrant celebration known as the Water Splashing Festival. As one of the most significant events for the Dai ethnic group, this festival marks the traditional New Year with ceremonies, dances, and, notably, the exuberant splashing of water as a symbol of luck and prosperity. As this lively event gains international attention, one notable trend captured by foreign media is the practical use of waterproof bags by participants. Amidst the joyful chaos of water fights, keeping electronic devices like cell phones dry is a major concern. This is where the indispensable waterproof bags come into play. These bags, often made from durable materials like PVC, EVA, and TPU, are not just practical—they're a style statement too. Available in various sizes and colors, they cater to everyone from casual festival-goers to the more fashion-forward crowd. Their tight seals ensure that devices stay dry, even when fully submerged. Moreover, the usefulness of these waterproof bags extends beyond the festival. They are perfect for other activities like beach holidays, boating, or any outdoor events where water or moisture might be a concern. Their versatility makes them an excellent investment for anyone who loves the outdoors [...]

Waterproof Bags for Yunnan’s Festival2024-05-30T15:38:53+08:00

Embracing Seed Paper: A Sustainable Choice for Meaningful Moments

In the midst of wedding planning, I encountered a remarkable material that resonated with our commitment to sustainability: seed paper. This innovative product merges high-quality paper with live seeds, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper goods. Crafted from recycled paper embedded with seeds, this material transforms invitations into potential life. When recipients plant their seed-embedded paper, it biodegrades, giving way to sprouts and eventually, blooms. This process not only exemplifies environmental responsibility but also adds a unique, memorable touch to our special event. The question often arises, "Does seed paper really work?" Indeed, it does. The simplicity of soaking the paper, planting it, and witnessing germination within weeks is a testament to the efficacy of seed paper. It stands as a practical example of recycling and sustainability in action, proving that even our choices in stationery can reflect our environmental values. By choosing seed paper for our wedding, we aimed to share a message of growth and renewal with our guests, extending the joy of our union through the symbolic act of planting. This choice underscores our belief in sustainability and our hope for a greener future, making our celebration not just an occasion, but a statement. Seed paper, [...]

Embracing Seed Paper: A Sustainable Choice for Meaningful Moments2024-04-09T21:05:15+08:00

Eco-Friendly EVA Packaging Bags: Sustainable & Stylish Solutions

In an era where the essence of sustainability merges flawlessly with unparalleled functionality, we are thrilled to unveil our revolutionary eco-friendly packaging solution. Our meticulously crafted EVA bags, sized perfectly at 9x12 cm, transcend the conventional notion of bags. They are an emblem of our commitment to the environment, designed meticulously for the environmentally conscious individual. Constructed from the robust and durable EVA material, these compact marvels are far more than just storage solutions. They are a vibrant declaration of eco-consciousness. The ingenious design incorporates a unique stand-up feature supported by a 3cm base, ensuring that your products are not only stored securely but are also presented with utmost elegance. The fusion of a smooth plastic slider and a sealing zipper is a testament to the ease of use our bags offer. This design choice represents our dedication to blending convenience with unwavering reliability, making our bags the quintessential packaging solution. Furthermore, the inclusion of a hang hole is a thoughtful touch, allowing for effortless showcasing on any shelf. This feature elevates the bags to be the ideal packaging choice for a broad spectrum of industries, including supermarkets, retailers, and manufacturers of cosmetics and small items. In embracing our [...]

Eco-Friendly EVA Packaging Bags: Sustainable & Stylish Solutions2024-04-08T16:46:46+08:00

Innovative Solutions for Managing Orders Below MOQ in the Packaging Industry

In the intricate world of the packaging industry, the concept of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) often poses a significant challenge for both manufacturers and clients. While increasing the purchase quantity to meet the MOQ can offer benefits like lower prices and timely delivery, it inevitably leads to higher inventory costs. In some cases, this could even lead businesses to forego orders altogether, considering the impact on cash flow and storage expenses. However, there are innovative strategies beyond the conventional approach that can help businesses efficiently manage and even benefit from orders below MOQ. Strategy One: Annual Contracting with Deposits One effective solution for products that are needed periodically throughout the year is to negotiate an annual contract based on the total volume required. This approach involves paying a deposit upfront, which secures the advantageous pricing typically associated with larger orders. Subsequent orders are then made against this contract, with payment corresponding to the quantity of goods needed at each instance. This strategy not only ensures the best possible price but also significantly enhances inventory management by allowing for a more predictable flow of goods and payments. Strategy Two: Authorized Sales of Customized Products Another approach addresses the challenge of [...]

Innovative Solutions for Managing Orders Below MOQ in the Packaging Industry2024-03-25T17:11:05+08:00
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