There are many types of plastic packaging bags. The following content may help you decide which packaging bag is most suitable for your brand products.

Poly Bag / PE Bag / LDPE Bag
Generally, poly bags are made from polyethylene, a common plastic material.
In most cases, poly bags are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).
PE film is one of the most widely used materials for food packaging.
Advantage: Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, light, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistant, excellent heat sealability.
Shortcoming: Heat-labile, poor airtight, easy to age.

PO Bag
It is a product packaging bag that is used more in the electronics industry, electrical industry and watch industry, etc.
Advantage: An excellent insulator, acid- and alkali-resistant, and low-temperature-resistant.
Shortcoming: Poor pull force, low transparency, heat-labile, easy to age.

PP Bag
The hardness and non-toxicity of this material make it a popular packaging material for food and beverages.
Advantage: Non-toxic, high transparency, heat resistance, acid- and alkali-resistant.
Shortcoming: The material is hard and has poor pull force, so the bag seams crack easily.

The most common packaging bags are PVC bags and PE bags. Almost all goods packaging can use PVC bags, especially in electrical appliances, daily necessities, toys, cosmetics, light industrial hardware, and other light and small products on the packaging using PVC bags are more.
Advantage: Reusable, not easily deformed, excellent sealing, high plasticity.
Various parameters of PVC can be customized, including its hardness, thickness, color, and transparency.
a. Heat resistance is not high.
A PVC packaging bag usually softens at about 80 ℃, decomposes, and turns yellow at about 140 ℃.
b. Not environmentally friendly. When polyvinyl chloride bags are burned, some toxic gases are released, but the PVC packaging bags themselves are not toxic.
c. Not suitable for long-term storage.

Usually used as the outer packaging of goods for sale.
Advantage: OPP is the most transparent of these packaging materials.
Shortcoming: Poor pull force. Printing on OPP is easy to fade.

Electronic products are usually packaged in this type of bag.
Advantage: Comfortable and soft to the touch, high-grade packaging.
Shortcoming: High price