When you’re on vacation at the beach, waterproof phone cases are as essential as swimsuits, totes, and sun protection. How to choose a suitable waterproof bag for your mobile phone?

1. Basic
Mostly seals and ABS chucks. Inexpensive and simple structure. It is often sold in retail stores, grocery stalls, and supermarkets. It’s a good idea to use the bag if you’re going to play in shallow water or in a swimming pool.
waterproof phone pouch
waterproof phone pouch

2. Floating
If you’ve dropped your phone in deep water and can’t pick it up, this waterproof bag can prevent that from happening again. The inflatable design will make the bag float on the water’s surface, similar to a life jacket for your phone.

3. Special shapes
Licensed products and well-known companies will personalize these waterproof phone cases, primarily for various promotional events and souvenir collections.